04. Prisoner Family Assistance


Particularly for parents and spouses of first time offenders who have little to no experience with custodial issues, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to get answers to questions through the channels made available to the public by the Georgia Department of Corrections and Parole Board.  Calls to the agencies’ main numbers are routed to a Call Center.  Although the Call Center staff is armed with the information needed to answer basic questions about offenders, they do not have full access to the information maintained in the agencies’ computerized databases to answer the more complex questions.

If your attempts to get answers from the Georgia Department of Corrections or the Parole Board have been unsuccessful, we can help.  We know who to contact and what to ask in order to get the information you seek.  CONTACT US to discuss the questions you need answered.


Do you know someone who has just entered the Georgia prison system and feel overwhelmed not knowing what to expect next? We offer packages to provide family and friends of people imprisoned throughout Georgia with a roadmap of what is happening now and what should happen in the future regarding custodial issues. We can bring clarity to areas of particular concern, such as educating you about the medical services and mental health programs offered to address special needs of offenders housed in the Georgia prison system. Armed with this knowledge, you will be better prepared to navigate the prison and parole system in Georgia and advocate on behalf of your loved one when needed. Of course, if you encounter problems along the way, we will be here to help guide you.


All too often, good people get mixed up with bad influences or develop bad habits which lead to the offenses underlying their incarceration. As many of those good people who have gone through the Georgia Department of Corrections’ programs will tell you, being sent to prison can actually be the best thing to happen to a person who has not been helped by freeworld programs and intervention efforts by family and friends.

Are you reading this page because a loved one is now incarcerated due to offenses stemming from substance abuse, peer pressure, lack of education or employment opportunities, sexual abuse, or even mental illness? Has that person been in trouble before and you are worried that when the person is released from confinement, he or she will just return to the previous maladaptive lifestyle?

Prison does not have to be a revolving door. A wealth of resources designed to break the cycle of recidivism are available to offenders in the Georgia Department of Corrections’ facilities. The support and educational programs available to inmates are highly specialized, targeted to address specific issues, and are vetted for effectiveness through scientific longitudinal studies. Successful participation in these programs has proven to break the negative habits and thought patterns which often precipitate criminal behavior. Educational and job skills training can offer a new lease on life to offenders who fell through the cracks in the freeworld educational system. Additionally, there are extensive re-entry resources available to offenders who are nearing their release and just need a little extra help to gain momentum for success. We can educate you about the programs and resources that are available to prisoners in Georgia and guide you in identifying those which address your particular concerns.


We offer a wide range of assessment packages for families and friends of people incarcerated in the Georgia Department of Corrections facilities. These packages can serve as a first step in showing support to someone who is incarcerated while minimizing the initial cost for legal fees associated with that support. By consulting with us for an overview of a person’s custodial status in the Georgia prison system, you will be well informed when making further financial decisions regarding the case. CONTACT US to learn more.