About Us

As a boutique law practice focused exclusively on parole and postconviction matters throughout the state of Georgia, we help people convicted of criminal offenses navigate the courts, prisons, and parole landscape so that they do not get lost in the system.  We educate their families and friends regarding what to expect in upcoming years and assist them with the specific problems they encounter along the way.  Additionally, we consult with victims of crimes to facilitate closure for all parties and to get cases on positive paths.  With a wide network of experienced professionals such as previous Parole Board Members, prior high ranking Georgia Department of Corrections officials, and former law enforcement agents available to consult on clients’ cases, we provide an unparalleled level of comprehensive postconviction assistance.  Contact us today for exceptional parole and postconviction representation that is tailored to fit your unique needs, goals, and budget.


Our parole and postconviction criminal defense experience runs the gamut,  from capital cases in the Supreme Court of the United States to probation cases in state courts to custodial matters with the Georgia Department of Corrections to parole cases at the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles.


 We utilize a wide network of experienced experts to match clients with the right professionals for their cases.   In addition to forensic experts, polygraph examiners, and former law enforcement officers, previous Parole Board Members and former high ranking Georgia Department of Corrections officials  are available to consult in your case.


We strive to provide an exceptional level of client service.  This includes being honest, open, and responsive in our communications with clients.  It also includes being affordable and instilling confidence in our clients that they are receiving the experienced guidance and advocacy they expected when they hired us.