Parole Packages

People have different goals, needs, and budgets when it comes to parole applications. We can help you find the right match, starting at just $500.


You fill out a short questionnaire and schedule an hour long teleconference (or in person meeting) so that you can get answers and advice from a professional with experience. Armed with that information, you can decide if you need to retain our services to advocate on your behalf at the Parole Board or if you now have the answers you need in order to proceed on your own.


You fill out a longer questionnaire, confer with us via phone (or in person), and we prepare a parole application based upon the information you provided. We submit the application to the Parole Board on your behalf.


In addition to the work for Package 2, we obtain and review documents such as transcripts and the files of court clerks, the prosecution, and law enforcement agencies. This provides us with a fuller picture of your case and allows us to better advise you about the information we anticipate is in the Parole Board’s file. It also helps us better strategize the contents for your parole application. Additionally, it allows us to identify and alert you to other post conviction remedies that might be available to you.


In addition to the work for Package 3, we travel to the prison to meet with you in person. Not only does this allow us to answer your questions and you to answer ours, it facilitates total collaboration with you in preparing your application for the Parole Board’s review. We get to know you personally and that translates into a more personal application for the Parole Board to review.

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